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Concerned about the repertoire for each event, Paty and Leo effortlessly navigate between Bossa Nova, Jazz, and Pop, blending classic and modern arrangements from a repertoire of over 500 songs. Paty and Leo met at the music college in São Paulo, Brazil, in 2007. After over a decade, they reunited on stage for a show by a major band.


Today, united personally and professionally, they fully dedicate themselves to Duet. In 2021, despite facing the pandemic, they released the album "Da Nossa Terra" (From Our Land), interpreting Brazilian music classics with new arrangements. With over 10,000 plays on Spotify, Paty, and Leo continue producing new materials and working on a new album. 


Both Paty and Leo decided to pursue a musical career from a very young age and were certain they would work with music even when they were children. This dream continues to materialize to this day. Having always worked with music, Paty and Leo always continue to improve their artistic knowledge. Nowadays, they reside in the United States, where Leo is pursuing a master's degree in guitar performance.

In April 2023, Duet Paty & Leo was invited to record alongside drummer Danny Gottlieb (The Pat Metheny Group, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Gil Evans' Orchestra). In December 2023, the Duet Paty & Leo traveled to Paris (France), to perform at Charisma Eglise Chrétienne, where they were invited to write the arrangements (musical and vocal) and produced a show with a band and a choir of over 40 musicians. It was a spectacle with an audience of 5 thousand people, in addition to a live broadcast worldwide.  

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