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Ceremony and Reception

The delicacy and precision of a highly cohesive voice and guitar for your wedding ceremony. There is a 20-minute pre-ceremony session to welcome the guests. The repertoire selection is unique and personalized for each couple.

Tip: Schedule an online meeting with Duet for tips and suggestions on choosing the repertoire.

We offer the option of welcoming your guests either immediately after the ceremony or during the lunch or dinner reception. Light and pleasant, it's a great choice for more intimate events.



The Duet Paty & Leo Quartet is also a great option for the reception. With a repertoire of livelier music, it's the perfect time to get everyone dancing and singing along to an exclusive show.

Repertoire: It is possible to prioritize or restrict musical styles such as MPB, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Bossa Nova, Axé, Samba, etc...


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