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In Duet Paty & Leo's Lives, you can bring customized live music wherever you want by adapting the show to the desired occasion.

During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, all live events were cancelled with no estimated return date, leading the artistic community to look for new ways to connect with their audience. As soon as the quarantine began, we created the Duet Paty & Leo Lives on Sundays at 3 pm, initially on Instagram and Facebook, and later on YouTube. It quickly became apparent to us how this powerful tool can connect, inspire, and transmit desired content to different places in an extremely professional way.

Using professional equipment, Duet Paty & Leo offers a high-quality Live at an accessible price since in-person costs have been eliminated.



On the platform that offers the highest quality audio and video, it is possible to stream through the YouTube channel of either the client or Duet Paty & Leo, with a private link (only those with the link can watch) or open to the public.

YouTube allows for the creation and addition of logos and QR codes in the video.



The platform only streams videos in vertical format, but it is one of the most desired options for companies. On Instagram, live streams are limited to one hour and may need to be restarted if a longer broadcast is required.



Facebook also accepts logos and QR codes. We can stream through Duet Paty & Leo's public Facebook page or the client's Facebook page. Facebook allows for the addition of content creators, so the page owner can add Duet Paty & Leo only for the live event and then remove authorization afterward.

Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Jam Kazam etc…


Duet Paty & Leo adapts to the platform that you/your company desires! We have already done lives in virtual "pub" formats where all employees could choose songs through the chat! It was amazing!


We suggest live streams of one or two hours, but almost anything is possible in the digital world! Send us your idea so we can help you!


Within MPB, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Bossa Nova, Forró, Axé, etc, the Duet Paty & Leo has over 500 songs in their repertoire and certainly has the best for you! We can also add songs to the repertoire according to the client's choice. (An extra fee may be charged for creating a repertoire composed mostly of songs that the Duet doesn't play).

Logos, QR Code, and others:

We can schedule an online meeting to align the pre-production of the live. Details such as clothing, repertoire, visuals, logos, texts, and so on can be discussed.

Duet Paty & Leo

You can put your logo on Duet Paty & Leo's Lives. Get in touch for a partnership!



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